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Villa Gardens Resident Publishes Highly-Rated Memoir, Hosts Book Signing

Proceeds from book signing support seniors

Ann Boyle Grant, RN PhD, is grateful for so much in her life--a successful career as nurse, educator, art historian and mother. Now, she is the author of an inspirational memoir, titled, The Essays of Ann: A Memoir for a Time of Pandemic.

Ann was inspired to write her memoirs during a time of relative isolation in order to stay connected with her fellow residents at Villa Gardens. Now available both as an e-book and paperback, Ann's memoir has received a 4.7 rating from readers on Amazon.

Ann moved to Villa about a month before stay-at-home orders were issued statewide due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She draws on her background as a nurse and teacher to find meaning and satisfaction in everyday experiences of family life, told with humor, hope and insight.

Her personal stories are culled from eight decades, including the saga of teaching her young daughters to drive, her first valentine, painting projects gone disastrously awry, descriptions of life in London and Heidelberg while living overseas and the Berkeley riots in the 1970s just to name a few examples. These stories are punctuated  by reflections on recent events including the presidential impeachment hearings, California wildfires, and the Black Lives Matter movement.

 "I call it a memoir written for the pandemic," Ann said. "I know how valuable reading stories can be during difficult parts of your life. I hope this book can relieve some of that stress and bring people inspiration."

In August, Ann hosted a benefit book signing at Villa Gardens. Proceeds support the Front Porch Comhttps://frontporch.net/philanthropy/munities Foundation, Villa Gardens' philanthropic partner.

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